[SOLVED] A .mov size-restriction?

I seem to be subject to a size-restriction (?) As I am trying to upload a binary .mov-file of 427 mb, the editor fails to receive it properly. The red bar moves slowly ahead, and after a while the editor halts … then I try to refresh (which normally results in seeing it uploaded) ->> But it isn’t?

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@vaios do we have a size limit on asset files?

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hmmm … if no direct / immediate answer from vaios; wondering about going in the direction of ‘timeout limit’ (Increase timeout limit in Google Chrome - Stack Overflow)

  • if such approach make sense there does not seem to be any solution in Chrome (I am now checking the Firefox option)
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regardless of vaios:


  • so yes size limit … will try and access it by external file (same folder - and see if it works)

Our limit is currently 340 mb


Added documentation as a PR: https://github.com/playcanvas/developer.playcanvas.com/pull/298