[SOLVED] A Little Confused about Basis Compression

Good afternoon,

I’m getting a little confused but the way Basis compression works. I know that compression brings the possibility of raising the download file size, while lowering the VRAM usage, but after converting my project over to Basis Compression, I noticed that my download size was raised from 11MB on Legacy compression to 14MB on Basis compression.

What’s weird, is when testing with individual images, I’m noticing that the editor say that a 1024x1024 image which was originally 110KB will take 146KB on download, but when launching the scene and loading the asset, Firefox reports that the download for that file in Basis format required 1.33MB of transfer.

Am I doing something wrong? It seems like for my project I got better looking compression and smaller file downloads using the Legacy compression.

Would it be possible to share the two builds (one for basis and one for legacy) to compare?

You are right that you should get smaller files in general compared to legacy.

Feel free to DM me if you do not wish the links to be public

This is strange. On my side, I can reduce by half the size of images with Basis Compression.


Thank you for suggesting muiltple builds. I was comparing the transfer size of the images between a finished build, and “Launch” in the editor. The file sizes corrected to the expected values in the editor after the project was built.