[SOLVED] 503 error in Launch

in the playcanbvas yest it says 503 error, what does this mean and how to fix this?

playcanbvas yest?

sorry playcanvas test, i was in a rush

What’s the PlayCanvas test?

when i launch the game to test it

That’s called the Launch Page. If you experience a problem with PlayCanvas, it’s always a good idea to include as much information as possible to assist anyone that is trying to help you. For example, include the URL to your project. State what operating system you’re on and the browser you’re using. Maybe include the JavaScript console output if that shows any errors. Anything that might help.

I’m on whatever OS apple products use, and I’m using chrome

I would like to try and keep my link private

Hi @Gavin_Durbin! You can at least show the error message you get. Also check your browser console, to see if there is any useful information. The best is to make a print screen and share it here.

I’m sorry, I’ve fixed it

What was the problem?

Some scripts and script errors i think