[SOLVED] 3rd person Camera Follow

I’ve been making my first game, and just trying to figure out how to get a camera to follow the “player” (mostly just a blank capsule). The tutorials imply that I have to set it as a child of the player, but doesn’t elaborate on how. It would be really helpful if someone would tell me and show me how to do it.

Drag the camera entity and drop it under the player (like a folder not literally under it).


That’s too brute @AmbushGames study this code @Diamondyguy_Jacobson https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/352037/camera.js

THAT simple?! Wow, I feel dumb.

Depends on how it’s to be used.

The main issue putting it as child is that when the entity turn the camera move keeping the same initial position if i am not wrong, so the player get an headache :smiley:

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For my purposes, the camera/child drag & drop works. Thanks a lot!

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That’s good @Diamondyguy_Jacobson 1 point for you @AmbushGames :wink: lol

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Hello, I am new to PlayCanvas so can you show me how to do this