[SOLVED] 3D View in the Editor not Visible

I an new with this programming and i looked at youtube to see how to make your world and i seen that they have viewport and i don’t… i have been looking on the help to find out how to turn it on but cant find out. i tried youtube buy nothing. any tips/help

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pointofview Hello, welcome, you mean this?

no this is what i mean. i dont have anything were i can make the map/world

That’s strange. What type of screen do you use? I think your screen is too small for the editor.

Otherwise you can try to reduce the middle part downwards. (With your mouse on the upper edge of the middle part).

That’s unusual. Do you have any browser extensions installed?

i use a 20inch and and i tried that and i cant reduce the middle part, it doesn’t let me. and yes but its only offline docs and it shoudn’t effect it in any ways. the strange thing is every time i refresh the page it has a box at the bottom of everything then after its done loading its gone.

Which browser? Have you tried a different browser?

yes i have… i tried chrome, firefox. those’s are my only and main browers… and get the same results on both…

In Chrome, can you try loading the editor, then opening Developer Tools in Chrome and showing us the console output please?

Instructions here: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/open

Edit: Can you also load this page and post the report https://webglreport.com/

this is what i get

You probably need to make the assets folder go down a bit by dragging it’s top edge down. If that doesn’t work, I don’t really have any other solutions.

What is the version of your Chrome browser? Also if you open the Developer Tools in Chrome go to Application and then on the left in the Storage section there should be a Local Storage dropdown. Select the playcanvas URL in that dropdown and some values should appear on the right. Can you PM me the values that you see ?

idk if this will help in any way but when i was looking at the dev tool i had 22 warnings and these’s were the warning

What do you get here:


And here:


idk if this is the problem but i think it might?10%20PM

No, that message is normal.

So this is a ChromeOS machine? What’s the zoom currently set to in your browser? What happens if you zoom out?

now that u say that let me check… well i kinda feel dumb. i gotta put it at 33% to see it but the strange thing is i dont use the computer its self i hook it up to a bigger monitor shouldnt it resize it its self??

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I’m not sure. We did do some tests here and noticed some weird behavior when using Chrome Beta (which you actually seem to be using). We’ll look into it.

OK, we think we have a fix for this. We’ll deploy on Monday.

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