[SOLVED] 2 Scene Questions

Hello, I have two small PlayCanvas questions.

Question #1

If I have camera setup such as this:

World Camera (Parent)
    HUD Camera (Child)

Which camera should I apply post-effect shader scripts only to: The parent or the child camera?

Question #2

If I have a HUD gun model, and it is lightmapped properly, should the model option Static be enabled or not? Assuming that it is a child of the HUD Camera, which in turn is a child of the world camera, so it would technically be dynamic I think, but I am not certain.

To your world camera, if what you are like for is to have your world objects post processed and the HUD not.

Hmm, good question, not sure how lightmapping / static models would behave in this case. @mvaligursky may know more.


Static objects are those that do not move at all in the world. Gun moves => not static.


Thank you for the helpful answers!