Social Media Posting

Hello is is it possible or has anyone had a say a twitter button / facebook button the user can click and this would open up facebook / twitter and pre populate the post with a image that includes the score also

I haven’t composed such a method, but want to share some info that should help you get started.

Most of the social network SDKs offer a method to compose such a message. They usually accept a base64 image in the payload. Here is a tutorial, that shows how you can create a screenshot. It uses canvas toDataURL() to get the base64 representation.

If you process the image on your own server, the server can modify the image and add a score on top of it. If you send the image directly from client phone, then that is not an option. I would probably compose a UI that is suitable for making a screenshot (it could include the current game score, player name, etc) and make a screen from it for share.

yeah i would not post from server but from the client(playcanvas)

I have done this in the past in html emails but not in playcanvas

i have a couple days to implement but client needs to know ASAP if its possible

If it is a yes/no question, then I would say yes. With some image manipulation library (example) you can create a simple image composition from your game assets, like logo, avatar, etc. You can, for example, add numbers as images to the assets and create a composition using them to show the score. The library would generate the final base64 for you, which you would send to the platform in the payload.

thank you