Smoothing groups supported?

Hi, everybody!
I’m wondering: does PlayCanvas support SG (smoothing groups)?

According to general search in Google: there is a way to export SGs to FBX.
Did anyone tryied? (Suppose: yes)

Thanks in advance for response, guys!

Hi Emil!

It would help if you create a little example Max/Maya scene and post screenshots of what you see in Max/Maya versus when you see in PlayCanvas. And describe exactly what the discrepancy is with what you expect.

Thanks! :smile:

Right now i have no trouble with topic.
Cause scene modelling process in early start :slight_smile:

My 3d scene design guy asking: “your rendering engine support smoothing groups? Am I able to define SGs”?

Smoothing groups in 3d tools define how vertices are split or share faces and normals.
This is then exported accordingly with same or split vertices and each of vertex will have own normals.

So it is actually not related to engine and even file format, as smoothing groups is simply saying - those two triangles do not share this edge so should have different normals on vertices.

So there is no answer on your question.
Just try exporting your models with smoothing groups and see what you get out of it :slight_smile:

So I make a small comparison.


vs Playcanvas:

In maya there actually a harden and soften edges, but Max’s smoothing groups is the same thing.

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Smoothing groups look perfect to me in this comparison.

If you asking about shading colours - that just environment and light setup in your scene that differs.

Remember: you will never have 1:1 shading with modeling tools due to many reasons.

Yes, they works fine. I just wanted to show it for author. Perhaps i didn’t say it right :disappointed: