Smooth ball rolling

Hello, I am making a bowling game and I already got the movement of the bowl but the bowl bounces sometimes on the plane. How can you fix this problem?

Is it the plane? Do I have to make a code? :thinking:

@Saad_Haider, did you fix/workaround this?

I’m not sure, but think you can clamp the hight in the position vector?
clamp camera

Yes I got it fixed, here’s how:


If the platform has a single long collider it shouldn’t jump and it only happens if you have a lot of small pieces of colliders and so when it goes from one collider to another collider, it jumps a little bit, but the above line should fix that problem.


Thanks @Saad_Haider! :slight_smile: (ps. thanks @Gurki too)

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Wait, I am having a problem when I put this.entity.rigidbody.body.setContactProcessingThreshold(0.00001); in my script.
Any ideas?

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski! You have placed the line outside a function.

Thanks! :smiley: Just started coding!

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