Skybox dissapears when changing scenes

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I’m having an issue whereby when I change from one scene to another, the skybox (in the second scene) is not there.

I only have 2 scenes in my project, a menu scene (which does not use a skybox) and a ‘game’ scene, each has a button/sphere that changes scenes to the other.

Interestingly, if I load up the ‘Menu’ and change to the ‘Game’, the skybox is not there, however if I load up the ‘game’ scene directly it all works fine.

Here is the link to my project - - the scene switching code is attached to the sphere object.

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I’m having the same kind of issue.

Here is my small test case I’ve a Main scene with no skybox and on click on the cube, I change to an other scene with a Skybox, it isn’t displayed.

On a bigger project, from one scene to an other scene I’ve also some missing objects which are in Batch Group. What I’m missing?

Hi @Aymeric, i just tried to reproduce the issue in your project but the skybox is displaying on changing scenes.

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Indeed @saif, thanks for the lookup by the way, I just changed for loadScene instead of loadSceneHierarchy.

It seems to properly switch full scene the code is :

var oldHierarchy = ('Root');
// Get the path to the scene
var scene =;

// Load the scenes entity hierarchy, function (err, scene) {
    if (!err) {
    } else {


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