Skybox appearing as dark gray when dynamically loaded

I have a scene with a skybox using a cubemap generated from an HDR, it looks perfectly fine on the editor or if I load the scene directly.

However, if I run the same scene from the final game, which has an intermediate loader to download the required scene assets on runtime, it appears to download in dark gray colors, and the scene looks a lot darker with it.

This is the original image:

And this is how the download looks in the browser:

Any clue on what may be going on here?

Hello @mariogarranz!

can you check if;

is properly set?

Or maybe the scene’s ambientLight color is not set to white?

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I think you got the issue. The skyboxIntensity is not the correct one, but that alone doesn’t fix the issue.

However, the problem seems to be that the Menu scene settings stay even when you switch to any other scene, so the Rendering settings applied in this first scene stay for all others, which essentially defeats the purpose of having different scenes with different Rendering settings.

Is there an easy way to load those settings other than having me manually add the code to change every single setting as a script for each scene?

EDIT: I see there is an exampe on how to load the settings for a scene. I will try that in the code I’m using to switch between scenes.

Thanks for pointing the right direction! :slight_smile:

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