Skinned Model JSON

Im thinking about asset loading and wondering what the best method is to load some Skinned Model JSON files.

Here are my supposed options, & presume that with each option that the published application is downloaded from Playcanvas and self-hosted :

  1. I upload the FBX into Playcanvas and importer converts to JSON, and don’t set the JSON to preload. Will these be included in my published build? I want to initially load the game and then load the models after the games menus are loaded so as to provide a smooth experience. If i download a self-hosted build, i want to know if these are available…

  2. I upload the models into Playcanvas, and download the JSON and reupload to an Asset Server to then download later during the menus, Is this option supported or will there be a problem?

  1. Yes, the assets will be included in the final build. Unticking preload just stops them from being loaded before the app starts.

  2. Yes, that is supported. See Use The Canvas Engine To Load The Local Json Model Edit: CORS might be an issue but fixable via server configuration

  • As a side note, it might worth considering using gltf now that there is support for it as an extra library from PlayCanvas’ GitHub.
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Thanks for the help @yaustar that answers my question.