☑ Site blinking, or my connection problems?

Hey what happens to the site? sometime it goes down? Some minor problem i hope

What exactly goes down. What is “down” in your case?
Please if you report such problems, please do provide enough details so we can understand context and specifics of an issue. On our end and stats everything has nominal operations state.

i tried to connect several times around 1hr and half ago and couldn’t reach the site…i thought it was a problem on my end so i tried several things, then i noticed that i could reach other sites, so i tried again but nothing nor playcanvas nor mixamo was reachable, it lasted around half hour the all got back to normal. Maybe some local problem if i was the only one to have it…
I used blinking coz in some moment i reached the first page and after lost it again

Mixamo belongs to amazon, it could have been some amazon related issue.

It was an issue related to my internet provider coz also a friend of mine had some problem yesterday…thanx and sorry to bother you