Simple Six: Performance Testing Please

Howdy guys. If you could head over to the SImple Six website, give it a play and then report back to me.

  1. Your system specs
  2. Overal performance
  3. Performance when firing missiles and lasers
  4. Are sounds in firefox way way louder than sounds in chrome?
  5. Feedback on the website
  6. Any other feedback on the game

Since I added sounds to the laser and missiles, there has been some lag popping up on my computer. I think it may be the garbage handler on the sound effects. I’d like to know if this is just my PC or if it happens to everyone.

And if you have a friend on LAN, give multiplayer a go. (LAN only at this stage, STUN isn’t working for some reason)

I have tried with edge but don’t start keep asking press w.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to Edge to test. (I’m a linux-er)

Can you try going to the controls page, toggling one of the controls and then trying again? I may not be initializing the controls dictionary correctly for new players.

(And just to check, you did try pressing ‘W’ ?)

And if you’ve tried it previously, try force-refreshing the page/clearing the cache. I recently updated the webserver so you won’t have to do this any more, but if you tried it more than a month or so ago you will have some issues

Yes i have tried the W of course lol
now i have tried again and the w alert is not shown anymore and now i see three 0 lower on the right…i guess it’s part of the ship deck, i will try to erase the cache and will tell u the result

I just tested the game in Safari on Mac OS X. It seems the game loads OGG files. Safari doesn’t support OGG and the game fails to initialize. I would recommend switching to MP3 for your audio. I believe that works pretty much everywhere these days.

Thanks for reporting that Will, I’ve changed to .mp3, but unfortunately in my testing mp3 is not working on firefox. Firefox claims to support it but in my browser is:
a) not producing sound
b) producing errors in console. (format not supported)

However the game is initializing and playing, so I have converted it to mp3. (It’s an improvement: one browser still not supported but at least it’s running)

Firefox claims it requires the system to support mp3 decoding and, well, my laptop can play mp3’s just find with vlc and other media players, so I’m not sure what firefox is on about.

I’d be interested to know if this solves @ayrin’s problem as well.