Simple randomization script

I am making a game with randomly generated levels, and I decided to do an approach similar to Spelunky (2008)

I need a script that has a few attributes that are chosen from the hierarchy, all of which are disabled, and randomly enable one.
if it is easier for you, I am fine with all enabled and disable the rest.

With this system, I should be able to make unique levels every time from many templates (made by me) Similar to how Spelunky does it.

any help is appreciated.

Hi @HandsomeBoy476,

Check out this example on procedural level generation:

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Thanks! I could not reply for a while. sorry.
I see how that could be useful, possibly for enemy placement, but for the using multiple templates and other purposes, I would need something else.
the image shows how it could work, which I would imagine being pretty simple, but I am not a good programmer, so I would not know for sure.

I would first make a few templates, all about the same size, and put them in the attributes. and then put them all in the same spot and disable them. steps 1 and 2 would be done by me in the editor.

and finally, the part that the script would do is pick one by random and enable it.