Simple Animation + Event Scripts databases?

Hello All!

I’m an artist, apparel designer, working on a vr presentation. I’ve been able to create something mildly interesting, but I’d like to push it further by adding minor animations or events/interaction to assests. but my java skills are non existent. Can anyone reccomend a free database/site with a bunch of event and/or animations scripts?

Here’s what i’m working on:
I have a new set of concepts and a fundrasing campaign schedule to go live on March 20th. This is my attempt to create a unique experience/alternative version of a “inspiration board/sketchbook” presentation.

Thank you in advance!

*By the way; Salute and congrats to the PlayCanvas team for creating something anyone can use to create a vr experience/games. Mind blown by how easy it was to get started.

There is the tutorials section here:

The ones that probably would be the most beneficial for basic animation are: (swap the camera for another entity)

To do anything more will require to write some custom code for your application.

Sweet, Thank You!
I will look these over

Ok I’ve seen all of those links. Would be more helpful if the editor files could be deconstructed more. Really weird that no site with free source code exist, I’m guessing a lesson learned from Action Script. Democratization will come soon enough. Well beggers can’t be choosers. One day a AI bot will make creating code for us noobs a breeze. :smile: