Shooting at enemy players online

Hi I’m making a battle royale game and I need a way to shoot an small entity camera forward and for that small entity to respawn and be visible and interactive to other players.

If anyone has any Idea on how to help with this I’m all ears.

Hi @WilliamBoersma31,

As I have not done this myself, here is a thread for a game called It is battle royale and it takes in the steps of how that person made the game.


that thread didn’t help sadly :frowning:

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@Leonidas you tend to help with this kind of thing

@WilliamBoersma31 Please don’t ping people directly like this as a general call to help as it’s not respectful of their time and attention. People will help where/when/if they can.

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ok sorry

yauster while your here can you help?

there are multiple ways of implementing that, doing it right is the hard part. if you handle everything on the client side without an authoritative server, player could just forge bad packets.( its some sort of cheating. ) having an authoritative server helps a lot but also takes more time to implement and you might hit more roadblocks. it really all depends on how you want to structure your game.

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@Sinlyu what would be the simplest method?

dont check it server side, shoot a ray or multiple ones from the center of your screen trough the level with a specific range, check if you hit a player, maybe check the bone part. send “HitMessage” to server. Server sends HitMessage to other players.

Something like that.

But there should be at least 2.000.000 Tutorials on how to achieve such kind of stuff in other engines e.g.: Unity. To understand the whole stuff it would be more than enough to just watch an video and translate it to PlayCanvas.