Shoot the fruit

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So is backend using nodejs and sql for the multiplayer in this game or some other software?

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Its static at the moment, only using the browser local storage, I am atm integrating the playfab leaderboards, for which the user first has to signup,login and then submit the high scores.


I’m in

How much?

Hi all, this game was originally made by VISR back in 2018. Mustafa and Saad are falsely claiming it as their own.
Link to original
If anybody has any enquiries about the game, please get in touch with the genuine developers via VISR’s Contact Page
Thanks for enjoying the game enough to steal it, Mustafa, we’ll be in touch!

Hello Saad

This game is a 1-1 fork of our repo from the public project of shoot the fruit, although it appears you have added integration for the HTML5 Games project from famboi with the express intent of profiting from our works.

We have searched our email archive and not found any mention of your name or Mustafa.

Can you please provide me via DM direct contact details via email for yourselves.
If you wish for our lawyers to contact you please also provide a mailing address.

To clarify, you do not, and never have had the rights to publish this game or any part of its component assets as your own, this includes music, art assets, and code related to the running of the game.

I am also going to make contact with Famboi HTML5 games about your account and flag that you are stealing IP from publishers.


There has been a misunderstanding, I hired Saad for some bug fixes and changes in the orignal project,
As a public project I thought I can use the project as a base project.
I am very sorry about this, Saad has already messaged me about this and is very angry, yes I hired him to make the changes.
I will take down the project immediately.


Hello Mustafa

As a public project, you can fork the game, improve it and make it available for free for non-commercial purposes in line with the community of the PlayCanvas website.

You cannot republish a free project like this for your own commercial gain, as the assets remain under our legal ownership.


Noted, will take it down immediately.