This is “SHINAMON,” a metaverse collaboration with Shinhan Bank in Korea! Thank you, “PLAYCANVAS” for giving me the engine to make a great project


“Allow me to express my sincere admiration for the remarkable project that is SHINAMON. The level of creativity, innovation, and dedication displayed throughout this endeavor is truly awe-inspiring. From its inception to its current stage, SHINAMON has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards in its field. The team behind this project has demonstrated an exceptional ability to tackle complex challenges, showcasing their expertise and passion for what they do. The impact that SHINAMON has already made and continues to make is nothing short of extraordinary. It serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when talent, vision, and hard work converge. Congratulations to the entire SHINAMON team for their incredible achievements. I eagerly anticipate the future milestones and breakthroughs that this project will undoubtedly bring forth.”

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@jejelee98 can I email you? I tried to find your information but I love your work :slight_smile: