Shifty - New Game By Renegade Lab Studios!

Hello everyone!

We have launched our new game for Koji - Shifty. Koji is currently reviewing the game, so stay tuned for updates they may suggest! Right now, we are sharing the playcanvas link - We had to keep the game under 20mb to make sure it was compatible for mobile, hence the low poly models, and the slight reduction of levels. Thanks to @yaustar, @will, and @Leonidas for their helpful support on the forums. Couldn’t have done it without you!


It’s a very nice concept. It could use a bit more polish, but there’s plenty of potential with this project.

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Cool idea @DevilZ,

The shift key doesn’t change gear for me.

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Oh I misunderstood the instructions. Clicking the gear icon changes gears.

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Thanks @DevPlex01 and @slimbuck. My team and I will definitely be improving the concept in the future. I would like to stress that this was to be a game template and not a complete game. It was made so that people can remix it on Koji, and make it better.


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