Sharp Shadows in IOS

Hi folks,
I have the next issue in my project when I try to run it on IOs devices:

I tried the next “solutions”

  • Change models lightmaps sizes
  • Change Shadow Bias values
  • Change Directional Light resolution(4096x4096) (2048x2048)
  • Change Shadow Type in directional light
  • Change Directional light to Point Light
  • Change Blur Size in directional light

what does it look like when running on desktop?

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this is the Playcanvas Run

It could be related to this:

and is there a solution to resolve it soon? Because I see it’s all in development what is talked about in that Github link.

This is an issue with tech stack on iOS (and not Playcanvas). Their report says that have a fix, but they have not communicated yet when it will be released.

As a possible workaround, you could try if VSM16 would work for you … you can easily test it using PlayCanvas Examples on the device as well.

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The question is - is this the problem you are hitting? Do you get it on iOS15, but works fine on iOS14?