Sharing assets between projects


I have a large project with many entities in it. Is it possible to create a new project and utilize some of the assets from the old project? Can I export entities and reimport them, or somehow share assets directly between projects?


Yeah thats something Im looking forward to do I hope its possible

I am looking forward to this feature, too

Hi @Larpa. You can only copy+paste entities between scenes in the same project. You can move them between projects (yet). It’s the same story for assets. The only thing you can do right now is fork a project or download/reupload assets. Entities have to be recreated by hand.

We’ll ensure this is properly logged as a feature request. We recognize could make developers lives easier by allowing this kind of functionality.


Is this feature available now? I Haven’t seen it so far.

No, you still need to re-upload assets to a new project. There’s no functionality for sharing assets between projects.

We could really use this as well. In our case, we have several scripts that we would like to share between projects. It’s a bit of a pain having to re-upload everything on all projects.

So, feature request +1


When do you think you’ll implement it?