Shadow Strength

Hello, all,

I have two questions about shadows:

  1. Is there any way for settings intensity of shadows (like Strength parameter in Unity)?

  2. If I have any object with transparent material (i.e. glass), created shadow is fully black. Is possible improve it ?


Hi @Radek_HART

Regarding shadow strength, could you please describe what it does?

Regarding transparent object, unfortunately technique with semi-transparent shadow-casters is not implemented yet. It does complicates shadow casting quiet a bit, and rarely been required.
Currently alpha is used to define alpha test like for foliage, but it is again “binary” instead of partial shadow casting.

Wouldn’t the intensity setting of the light control the “intensity” of the shadow?

Light intensity affects only what light illuminates, everything within shadow - is just not illuminated, so not affected.

Hello Max, thank you for answer. On the picture is example of Shadow Strength parameter in Unity. This Parameter is availeble in Light settings.

Is possible reduce strength of black shadow in PC ?

Looks a bit like the shadowDarkness setting from three.js

In Unity shadow strength is per-light, not per-object, therefore it can’t be used to simulate semitransparent shadows from non-opaque objects (unless ALL shadow casters visible for this light are semitransparent). How would you use shadow strength?