Shadow problem, shadows disappear at a certain angle

a huge area with a lot of houses. Houses in the form of ordinary boxes. The boxes are recessed into the landscape. Tell me how best to illuminate the entire territory? there will be no animation. Looking for static shadows.

Hi @artem_parfenov,

The models I understand are a single model right? I think the issue is that the shadows bounding box excludes the model aabb when calculating the models for realtime shadows.

I see that you are using lightmapping as well? If your light source is static then you can bake lightmaps for this model that will increase performance and most likely get rid of this issue.

If on the other hand you want dynamic shadows, then the fix would be to increase the shadows distance even more (though that will reduce the quality, it’s already high), or break your model to smaller ones. If you are planning on doing close views from your buildings you can also increase the shadows cascades (e.g. 4), that will increase the quality of the shadows there.