Shadow disappear at an angle

Ok, I know there are similar problems in this forum that already have been answered, but I tried them and nothing is solving it.

To make the matter worse, this is a VERY simple project I made to fiddle with various options in the editor. It only has a light, a camera, a plane, 2 dynamics and 3 kinematics. The shadows cut off at an angle for some reason.

I’ve tried it on both my PC and my smartphone and the problem seems to happen in both. What am I doing wrong in here?

I don’t see the issue in the project? How do you reproduce the issue

Your current light has too large of a distance for its current resolution, so it loses precision and shadows look blocky.


You should reduce the distance (try 20?) or increase the resolution.

I don’t know. It suddenly started working, which is odd because I tried it on 2 different machines and they didn’t work. Thank you anyway.

I originally had it set to a low number but changed it to 200 to see if it worked. It suddenly started rendering everything correctly though. Thank you.

You mentioned the shadow distance was low to start with when it didn’t work. Chances are that when the shadow distance was a low number, the camera was too far away where the shadow would render, it was outside/further than the shadow distance. So it would look like it ‘disappeared’.

Shadows only render when the distance between the position of the shadow and the camera position is lower than shadow distance of the light