Shadow casting real time versus once bug or user error


Hi Everyone
Our work is arch viz and therefore static and often a big big.

For the directional lights shadows I like the


option since it seems to be a bit less resource intense, but when I launch or do a build, the shadow that shows in the editor, isn’t there in a launch or a downloaded build.

User error?

Mike K


Can you reproduce this problem in a very simple scene and share the URL please?


Hi WIll,
I’ll fork a project where it was happening and add you to it.
Could you email me how to do that, the project would be private.


It’s happening on most of our projects, I am assuming user error, but in case it’s not it’s be great to know a work around.


Was there a solution to this? In our case we are seeing the same problem when the update mode is set to once. It appears that the light is doing its one update to create the shadows before all the geometry has finished loading leaving the scene a mix of objects that cast shadow and not (all are set to receive and cast shadows). If the light is set to realtime it operates as expected.


It because the models are not preloaded.
If you have models set to stream is it’s an issue


can you not load the models, and then the lights directly after through script and then bake the scene?