Shadow cast by a light and skybox

Hi everyone! Someone can tell me why the shadow cast by a light disappears if I add a skybox ?

It’s hard to know without a bit more information, can you post a project or sample application that has this problem?

Your skybox probably have a prefiltered data, and exposure in scene is pretty high. Adding skybox makes all PBR materials to enable IBL.
To go around it, simply go to scene settings, and lower down the exposure of skybox.
Increasing intensity of your light sometimes gives better contrasts too.

Please always post links to you project when asking related to it questions.

Thank you for your interesting.
This is the link:

It’s right?

Yes! Yu’re right!! The skybox’s exposure was too high (but now the background is too dark… uhm…).

Can I ask you something else? I know that WebGL doesn’t allow realtime GI but I’m not understanding if PlayCanvas allows the “normal” baked GI. In other words: if I put my object on a red plane for example, can I obtain the classic color bleed red on my object?

You definitely can fake GI by adding some lights and baking them into lightmap. Or take your scene in to modeling tool you are using, and bake Lightmap there with GI or only GI and add that texture with model to lightmap slot on material.

So pre-baked GI as lightmap - is the way to go :slight_smile:

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@Mate made a video on this topic today. Check it out: