Shader compile error if 20 iframes on a page

I tried experimentally 20 iframes on a page.

url : photon-testClient

Loading is stopped at loaded 6 iframes. Error occurs about failed to compile fragment shader and vertexshader under my condition.

What could be happening? I interested in this phenomenon.

Getting same error. Probably worth creating simplified example with simple scene to replicate a problem. Error message is null which I’ve never seen. Does this misbehave in any browser?

From my experience, Chrome can’t reliably create more than a few WebGL contexts reliably (assuming you’re loading a bunch of assets). This is a browser issue rather than a PlayCanvas issue, Might be worth creating a simple repro and logging it here.

Yes, I try again on Firefox, I can do it without the error.

However,some iframes sometimes failed loading webGL.
I think I should check appropriate loading timing.

I’ll report this issue.

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