Settings for collisions

How not to be knocked away by others?It’s all dynamic RigidBody.

Can you provide more information about exactly what you are trying to achieve, please?
I hope the car1 won’t be pushed away.

You seem to have forgotten to share the Ammo package in your project.

Uhh. Weird bug. After forking Ammo works fine. Never mind.

I believe you’re looking for the RigidBody types: Static or Kinematic.

Current type: Dynamic


Switch from Dynamic to Static or Kinematic


New type: Static



New type: Kinematic


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If both are kinematic, they will pass through it.I want to stay in front of it.

Hello @hello and welcome! Only with dynamic rigidbodies you can prevent that entities will pass through each other. (If you use kinematic rigidbodies you have to check by script for collision). You can modify the dynamic rigidbody settings to get the best result for your game. Note that you have to move a dynamic rigidbody with forces.

But when set to dynamic rigidbodies, the car1 will be knocked apart…

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean with ‘knocked apart’. Did you already play around with the rigidbody settings? It can take a lot of time to get the right result.