Setting up a 1st person camera with collision detection

Hi, my name is Alejandro.

I´m a 3D artist with experience in high end advertising productions and architectural visualization. Right now I´m interested in real time visualization. I want to develop a walkthrough scene where the camera remains inside the room. I undertand the theory behind that, even tested different offline plattaforms and it worked fine, but I haven´t been able to make the collitions work here. The camera just keeps going through the walls. Any ideas?

Since the online interaction is a major plus for me, I offer beatiful 3D assets design & development (even with baked lighting) in exchange for some coding help.

Here is the link to my 3d portfolio:

Here is a print screen of the project I´m developing:

You put it under collaboration so I’m guessing you want to put together a team. If so, you may add me if you wish. For the problem, a camera is just a camera. It must have a model, and both entities must have a rigid body component.


Do you mean 1st person movement like in an FPS game?

In which case take a look at our First Person Movement Project. It has a script which implements first person movement. You are free to copy that script into your scene.

The important thing is to have rigidbody and collision components (both) on all entities that you wish to collide against each other.

A few comments @dave:

  • You can delete the _createCamera function.
  • You can delete the postUpdate function.
  • You need to add touch support.
  • You can delete the call to getLocalEulerAngles.

_createCamera is required if you haven’t hooked up a camera entity.

I’ve deleted the other calls, and I’ll add touch support.