Setting script attributes not working


Here is my scene:

The problem is that the UI wont take any value I give it for a custom script attribute. Here si a screencast showing the issue:

I tried using 0 as the default, 0.0, “0”, “0.0”, -1 … no matter what the UI wont take the assignment. The ‘setup’ is the same as another number attribute I have on the same script except the default value is > 0. Are we not able to set the default for a number to an ‘off’ value?


For the ‘heck’ of it, I removed and re-added the script instead of just rerunning the parse. That seemed to fix it. Please let me know if thats expected behavior so I know to institutionalize that step in my technique.


Project is private unfortunately.

It shouldn’t be. Hard to tell what went wrong without seeing it. Usually the console in Developer Tools gives some clue if it happens next time.

Updated, sorry about that. I always forget that step when I fork for the forum. I’ll check the dev tools next time i see that orange border flicker in the UI.


Weird, that definitely doesn’t look like expected behavior. However, I can’t seem to repeat it easily in my project.

Me either, def’ a glitch,

I just wanted to check if there had been an update that somehow affected range for that property. Next time if something weird happens I’ll grab more useful data for you guys to construct a scenario from.