Setting diffuse color in code

When I set a color in code like this
mesh.setParameter(‘material_diffuse’, [ [0.8, 0.35, 0.35]]);
the effect is very washed out.
If I set it like this
mesh.material.diffuse.fromString("#b85e55"); //— aprox same colour as above
the effect is closer to what I want , but of course it sets it on all instances of that material which is NOT what I want.

any idea how I can achieve the coloring from the second approach with the first ? Why would they yield such different results ?

I’d post a link to the project but it’s not mine to expose !

ok cheers, I’m going to go and bang my head some more now :slight_smile:

Can you put together a new public project with the issue please? That would help people investigate.

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