Set smartphone alarms on mobile builds

My question is simple: Is there a way to create a function that call an smartphone feature to set an alarm? How to to this?
I just need to set alarm (in native ios or android alarm apps) with custumized time when i touch a button.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Julio_Cesar and welcome,

From what I know Javascript can’t open system apps directly, only the OS can do that as a response to a special Web actions. For example clicking on a phone number link can open the Calling app.

The closes thing that I’ve found to what you are asking is this, not elegant but may work for you:

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Hello, thank you for fast response, Leonidas!

I managed to use this solution: a simple multi-plataform event generator that can be acess by url, and it opens the native app.

There’s many *.ics gererators on web, but i think that i would need to host the file to acess it.