Set position of collision component with script

Simple question, is this possible? I’ve seen other posts asking this and they all say to just have to separate entities and position them accordingly. I’d like to avoid this approach or making the collision a child as I have had issues with this in other projects.

It’s pretty much the ‘best’ way.

I have the ‘parent’ entity to represent the physics at 1,1,1 scale and then a child for the visual model which I can scale to be the correct visual size.

The problem I’m having is with the model I’m using. It’s axis points are at the top of the model, instead of the middle.

So any generic rigidbody I make as the parent object will cause it to rotate around a different point, and make it look odd when it moves.

Unless the Hinge script I’ve been playing around with and mention in this post: Compound rigidbody interactions, would fix the issue of the object rotating at the center of the collision.

In a nutshell, yes you would have to use a joint of some sort to make it rotate around that point or if you not worried about anything colliding above the pointer, you can just do something like this so the pivot pointer of the rigid body is at the top of the model.

My only concern was because the hinge script needs two rigidbodies, meaning the base needs to be a static, that would some how interfere with the box shaped collision on the pointer going through the base.