Sensor gyroscope dont work on Google Chrome

I tested VR project on Chrome then i noticed that sensor gyroscope (shacking camera) didnt work on Google Chrome (s7 edge, s8, s9) but Samsung internet is ok. Chrome on HTC 10 is ok. Can anyone tell me list of good version browser (Firefox, Chrome…) support for Samsung?

The WebVR polyfill fork of PlayCanvas needs updating due to a change of values in Chrome (R66 changed from degree to radians hence everything seems to be hyper sensitive).

Thank you for your quick reply. Chrome 67 in my Samsung S7 edge still shaking :frowning:

Yes, every Chrome release since R66 will have this problem until the fork of WebVR polyfill is updated and published. You can temporary get around this by enabling WebVR in the chrome://flags

A client ran into this problem recently, is there a reason why the team aren’t updating the version of Webvr polyfill?

Is there a way to force a newer version of polyfill for a published build?