(Self-Hosting) Using URL to set attributes

Hello everyone,
I need some help with self-hosting and engine communication.

What I want is that, on start of the Application, a scene (the name of which is unique and functions as an ID) is loaded based on the path/ a query of the page URL. So in my mind, it looks something like “myselfhostdoman/the-scene-id” or “myselfhostdomain/index.html/?the-scene-id”.

For the scene loading, I used the script from this demo https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/changing-scenes/, which works nicely.

Now for the URL part, I’m completely lost. My experience with html and web development (besides javascript) is severly limited, so I have no idea if this is even doable.
So IF it is, how would one go about the task? If anyone has any suggestion, I’d be very much thankful.


Hi @twe,

Yes, you can use some basic Javascript to get the scene name from a url parameter.

For example:

// example url https://playcanv.as/b/Fij349E/?sceneName=SceneA

// using window.top to cover the case your build is running in an iframe
var url = new URL(window.top.location.href);

var sceneName = url.searchParams.get("sceneName");

Works like a charm, @Leonidas
I honestly didn’t think it’d be this simple.
Thank you very much!

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