Self hosting by source from github?

We’re newbie in H5 game developments. PlayCanvas is really cool game engine, and we want to fork its engine codes and maintain by ourselves. So how should we do if we make some changes to the engine, and we want our game exported by editor to use our engine, not PlayCanvas’s engine?

The editor itself is linked to the official PlayCanvas engine so you won’t be able to change much in the way of the core components (e.g adding a new attribute to the model component) and being able to edit it in the editor

There a few ways to approach:

  • Fork the engine and host that build somewhere. You can then test with the editor work flow via these steps: and when it comes to exporting the build, you can just swap the playcanvas.js file with your own.
  • If they are minor changes or additions, consider patching the engine within the project itself via Monkey Patching: We tend to do this to work around a bug or extend a feature (e.g raycasting) without having to build a new engine
  • Forgo the editor completely and just use the core engine

Thanks for your rapid responding ! :smile:
We know what to do, thanks very much.