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Hi everyone! I’m the founder of the brand new game studio, and we are looking into PlayCanvas as our go-to solution. My only concern is that we don’t have access to the source code of the game, and can only download ready-to-deploy files.

The question is - is there some special license available for us, to be able to use our own repository? Having no access to the source code is enough to consider moving away from such an awesome engine.

Hi @Denis_Ermolin and welcome,

The PlayCanvas editor provides its own version control system which is quite powerful:

Your concern is valid though, if you’d like to use your own version control then you can use the following PlayCanvas module to synchronize at any point your editor source code with your local repository:

Awesome, that is good enough to have copy of our work somewhere else.

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You can also use the export feature: Projects | Learn PlayCanvas

Or if you would like to automate this, you can use the REST API Projects - Archive project | Learn PlayCanvas

And this will give a copy of the project including source that can be imported into the PlayCanvas online service at a later date.

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Additionally, if you build the project as a zip for self hosting, there’s an option to minify and concatenate the source code scripts.

Unticking minify will leave the source code alone (including comments). Unticking concatenate will have the scripts as separate files.