Self hosted build not loading quickly

Hi, I have tried with self hosted build it takes more time to load. In the case, playcanvas publishing is less time to loading.

can you please suggest me to hosting on own server with less time of loading.

Nagaraj S

Can you post a link to the build where you are self hosting? Chances are that you haven’t enabled gzip compression on the server for certain files.

See thread: Performance optimization, download sizes and load times

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Check out points mentioned in this article:

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Thank you for reply.
I will share you DM.
And one more question, when I tried to load glb file(8.53 mb) into our scene at runtime the file took 3s - 4s to load on scene. Even though, I tried with glb file (4.39 mb) the loading time has 3s - 4s.
Can you please suggest me how to load glb file quickly on scene.

In Chrome, use Dev Tools, and Network tab to see what is going on with a timeline. You have to identify what takes time, is it number of requests (latency bottleneck), or download size (bandwidth bottleneck), or once it is loaded it is freezing when parsing and uploading content from CPU to GPU.

Measure each part, to identify what is taking most of the time, so you can then figure out what needs to be optimized first.

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Looking at the build that was deemed to me, it looks like not every file type is setup to be GZIPPed.

None of the JSON for example are gzipped from what I can tell and they generally compress down by a lot.

The stall in loading the application seems to be texture and shader related. You have many textures that all take time to be loaded into GPU memory.

The only way I can see to improve that is use lower resolution textures at the start and gradually load higher resolution ones in.

I don’t know if @moka or @will have better ideas on this? The scene is 135MB uncompressed with about 30MB of textures in jpeg or PNG format.

Parsing the model data seems to less time. This can be reduced by using GLBs over JSONs as spoke about in this blog post:

You seem to have 3 model assets loaded here, each considerable size, do you you need all three of them?