Secure High Score sending?

Hi guys,

is it possible to send High Scores securely to a database at all?
I assume everybody can see the plain source code and always can see
where the data will be send to (and can hack into it)?

Yep, the way that games handle this is to replay the game on the server to verify results so that high scores are sent with data on how the game was played.

Ultimately, you will need to send some data alongside with the score that is very hard to generated and the server can verify independently.

I would recomend not to spend too much time on this. Security is such a large topic you can spend half a year developing a system that will cover 99% of the breaches, only to find out that nobody is actually playing the game. Focus on the gameplay, make early release and iterate over the feedback you get from your players. You can deal with securing scores when you actually face the problem.