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I always like to explore projects on Play Canvas :smiley:

i’d use the active sector because for a long time I dominated it :smiley:

I suggest a current or new cathegory || or a search

{ somebody forked my project :smiley: and I’d like to find out who and what he/she does with it :smiley: }
[ in past the projectName wasn’t realy changed… and most forkes was from support]

after one unsecsessfull year with typeScript and GoLang I’m back to JavaScript :-/

So i’wand to see how everybody does while I was absend…
Cause I’m stupid, I can’t find any project as long i haven’t the link :-((
So I have to go thru thousands of projects to find those I’m looking for :-((

I range throug others projects all the time;
I allways find projects I’want to play or take a look at the code…

this.after I’ve to search from the beginning.
I’m not sure if the watch button will do? but I only click watch after I
investigated a project;

sooo… my sugestion add a search fileld and a remeber for this.session
to explore and active…

You are Great, don’t bother to implemnt… I’m already spending to much
time on other projects… so as harder to find them, so more time for current.

sorry :cucumber:

PS: I always (mostly) run PlayCanvas in simultanious on more than one Broswer…
sometimes I do Edge, Chrome, Andoid and simulate Saphari … so I’ve to lock in 4 times
I get that will you suggest “PlayCanvas” question than for times… I alway quote 10 and
sometimes tell why… But i don’t like getting up and answer the same question 4 times…

Easy solve: run FireFox on one more (my Tablet I guess) so it’s no longer Q === 4

Similar to this suggestion: Any plans for a search engine in PlayCanvas?

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[solved] sorry, didn’t do any research, just tipping my mind ::frowning:

Not stupid of you, but a lack of PlayCanvas.

I agree with this, but unfortunately the intent of PlayCanvas is that anyone can fork and use your project. So that’s why I don’t know if it helps if you know who forked it?

That is indeed annoying. Thanks for the good rating!


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I like the idea of open Source and I’m quite happy if anynody forks one of my projects :smile:
I’m just curious why, and liked to see what they do with it. Perhaps I can learn something…
Maby my code has been improofed or somone had a great idea to make it funier…

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Yeah that would be nice, so you can take it back at some point and say ‘thanks for finishing my project’. :innocent:

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Didn’t thick of that, but it works both ways :joy:

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