Search for existing material when importing new asset

Can we please have an option for importer to look for existing material with the same name first before creating new one? If I have to import 5 models with 5 materials each that are the same between models then I’m ending up with 5 copies of each instead a single one for all.

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That’s not an option at the moment, we could potentially create an option like that but there are various ramifications. For example when you import a model the material that is created from that model is ‘tied’ to that source model. If you re-import that model the material can be also updated. If we replaced the materials with the same name then the new models you imported would not be tied to those materials which creates some weird behaviour.


did you solve your problem? I need something like this, too.

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At the moment, you would have to manually reassign the materials to the imported model and delete any unused materials from the project unfortunately.