"Sea quest" game

I have “Sea quest” tiny demo (~10 kb) at

Just wandering, nothing to find yet.
I wonder if these worlds are enough to make a “Sea quest” game. We could add LOD, view frustum culling, sailing physics… 
quests, multiuser racings, world wide marine battles (I’d like racing and a big crew)
(Dave :slight_smile: ) any suggestions?


Whoah! There’s a lot of triangles in that mesh! Looks cool.

Did you see the water demo and project on PlayCanvas?

@dave tried to make a sailing game during the last Ludum Dare game but changed his mind half way through and made ‘They Launched a Probe’ instead (madness!). However, maybe he still has the project around…

Thank you. Meshes are limited by Nexus 10 (~512x512) or AMD Kabini (1024x1024). With LOD we could use much larger terrains.
“water” is beautiful but don’t think it helps me to move the game on your site.
Yes, it would be nice if users will be able to programme boat dynamics. See

  1. Can you help me to put the (enhanced) demo

on your site? Else, I’ll try slowly…
2. Does PlayCanvas support multiuser games? (sorry if it’s a FAQ)

So you are generating the mesh procedurally, is that right?

I can certainly point you to the areas of the API that you’ll need to look at :smile:

The pc.gfx API contains the VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer classes. Use these and the VertexIterator to build your buffers.

Then you’ll want to put them in a pc.scene.Mesh which is added to a pc.scene.MeshInstance and then added to a pc.scene.Model.

@will’s Ludum Dare game does a lot of this you can see the code here: https://playcanvas.com/will/mondrian/editor/playarea.js buildLevel() function around line 194.

And 2), yes, we do support multi-user games. We don’t have any server libraries as yet. But people have written their own servers and use PlayCanvas for the client-side rendering. See colorTanks by @max.

I’ve added “Sea quest” tiny mobile game demo at
Touch 4 poles in correct order (triangular one is the last). Use device orientation to navigate.
More worlds and comments at
I think it is not difficult to add “watch dogs” to poles.
I’m trying to make large worlds with LOD.


“Sea quest” uses its own 15 kb “game engine”. Can I just put this app on your server?

Well, you could create a project and add the engine to your game. But unless you want to use some features from PlayCanvas I’m not sure what advantages you are getting by using PlayCanvas?

fractal + spline based world