ScrollView Element, hide scrollbar

Feature request:

The current options for a scrollbar in a ScrollView in Editor: Show Always and Show When Required.
I would like to request an option Hide or your own wording. This option would hide the scrollbar, but still allow the scrolling functionality.

I simply don’t like scrollbars. The action of “placing a cursor precisely on a line of 15 pixels width” is a bad UX in my opinion. Yes, the list is scrollable by just dragging it too, but the user doesn’t know about it, unless he uses mobile, where scrolling is expected to be by swiping the list. Instead he sees the scrollbar and it takes precedence in the options of his answers to “How do I see the bottom of the list?”. I can give the user hints about the additional contents by other means, than showing the scrollbar. For example, I can make the height of the viewport as the height of the total entries + half of one entry. This will “cut off” an entry, giving an indication that there is more in the list, than currently visible. Or, I could design the entries as being shown on a cylinder, which suggests it can be rolled, and so on.

Allowing to scroll by mouse wheel for PC users would also be fantastic, as that is the primary way of scrolling for PC users. I know, we are in control of inputs, but at least some methods to moveTheList(direction, step) that we can call on pc.EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL would be nice.

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