Scripting of the spot lamp for adding a sprite or animated gif

Hello, dear community! I am not really a programmer, but my project requires some, how I can see -nobody done yet, coding of the spot lamp to create realistic animated light reflection, which I can use as simulation of movie beamer projector on the complex topology. What I did now, doesn’t satisfy me at all. You could take a look on my example here where you can see kind of fake. It is peace of mesh which is cutout from the rest of the room, build in form of the light stream/beam, it is running a video file with one script like this:

function runCode(app) {
    var screen, video, texture, material
    video =document.getElementById("video");
    screen = app.scene.getObjectByName("screen");
    texture = new v3d.VideoTexture(video);
    texture.minFilter = v3d.LinearFilter;
    texture.format = v3d.RGBFormat;
    material = new v3d.MeshBasicMaterial({map : texture});
    screen.material = material;

The problem is that this mesh looks like a fake. It looks very bad. I want to have a wonderful effect which is coming from the light as source, and project topology adequate light distortions. In this example is it also not possible to play with the emition shaders (using blender+verge3d) to get kind of light effect. My test on playcanvas is here, where you can see that I try to use cookie with one sprite image. At this point I look for your help.

Thank you very much!!

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