Script Saving and Refresh Issues


I’m currently working on a simple project for GDC (it’s private for now so I won’t post a link to it), and for some reason, when I’m saving a script it sometimes gets stuck in a “saving” state indefinitely.

Then, when I’ll launch the game, sometimes I get the old version of the script, sometimes the updated version… am I doing something wrong? Even when I’m using a “hard reload” in chrome I still get the old version of the script.



Yeah I guess something’s messed up with my project… I can’t delete scripts anymore either :confused:


Is this still happening for your project? Can you open up the browser console and tell me if you see any errors?

When you say you can’t delete scripts anymore what do you mean - what is happening exactly?

Hi Valos!

I’m not sure, I stopped using that project hoping it would go faster in a new one since I couldn’t figure out why the scripts were not reloading.

Now I just got back to work on it a bit, and I had the editor stuck in a “saving” state again (that’s similar to what first started happening with my other project. The orange progress bar is still active under the file name, the status bar says “Saving”, but both the console and network panels are clear

… and yep, now my launcher won’t use the same version of the script that I have in the editor (hard reloaded both).

Do I need to clear my cache?


It looks like you have restored session after a computer sleep or something, which usually breaks socket connections.
But IDE didn’t pick up disconnected sockets correctly, which leads to state where it thinks it is connected, but it is not.

We will be looking into resolving such issue.

Ok thanks!

After restarting the editor, making new changes, the file gets updated, thanks! :slight_smile:

… that’s what I get for working on my GDC demo the week before :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your help!

We have identified the issue and working on a fix. However restarting the Code Editor should allow you to save again.

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