Script editor error whenever loading a new script


It’s been happening for about 15 minutes now. Not sure if this is the proper place to post an error report.

When I load a new script, I get about 10 seconds of editing before it throws this exception and I can no longer edit it.

CC’ing @vaios @will

seems to have fixed itself now, I’m no longer getting the issue. Probably still worth looking into though? let me know if there’s any more information you need me to provide

Can you provide the script asset id and project id please? It may help us track it in the logs

project id: 1195440

asset ids: 53617126,52188264,51990765

Here you go, it’s a private project and I can’t make it public unfortunately but you probably still have admin access?

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That’s great, thanks! We shouldn’t need access to the project but the ids will help us with logs.

If we need access to project, we will PM you for permission :slight_smile:

We have identified the issue and produced a fix :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!

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Awesome, thanks!!