Script content has disappeared

One of the scripts in my project has become totally blank when I open it up to edit it.
However, the script seems to be working fine, and if I download it and open it in a text editor, it’s all still there. I just can’t edit it in Playcanvas any more…

It’s a private client project so I can’t share it publicly, let me know how to share the project and I’ll show you what’s going on.

Hi @steve_wk! Did you try to refresh the page?

Tried refreshing, clearing cache, different browser. Very weird. Been using Playcanvas for a while now and never come across this before.
I was able to copy paste the contents of the downloaded file back in there, and then it was ok again.
No idea what happened.

I have experienced myself that sometimes a script does not load, but refreshing the page solves this in my cases.

Can you add yaustar to the project and also the name of the file please?

Edit: looks like it has been resolved by copying a file across. I’ve seen this before but normally refreshing fixes this. It sounds like in your case, the contents were actually wiped which I have not seen before