Screenshot bug on iOS 15.0

I created a project to get a screenshot with transparent background, it works on ios13 14, Android and pc browsers.
But on the iPhone12 Promax ios15.0 and iPhone13 ios15.0, i got a fuchsia background.
Does anyone know how to fix the bug? Many thanks!
This is the link of the project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

@koolou The project works for me on iOS 15. The screenshot is transparent when I press the button.

Have you fixed the project?

Below the result on my iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15.

Interesting that it doesn’t look like that on my iPhone 8 with iOS 15 :thinking:

I added a png image mask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but it only works under a certain angle

maybe u need a new iPhone :money_mouth_face:

Cannot reproduce on iPhone XR with iOS 15 either.

try to open in iPhone12 13 ?

Sorry, we don’t have access to those phones with iOS 15 :frowning:

I now have a device (iPhone 12/13 Max Pro) that can repro this issue

I take that back, I can only reproduce this in the published build above linked above. I cannot reproduce this in a new project:

Ticket: Transparent Screenshot gives pink background on iOS 15.5, iPhone 13 Pro Max · Issue #4304 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub