Screen & Element Components

Today, we’re pleased to release the Screen & Element components to everyone in the PlayCanvas Editor.

You can read more about the feature on the blog post and in the docs.

Let us know your thoughts!


I know, sorry it took so long get the first version out!

Hahahahaha, you’ve implemented a GUI system (screen + element components) inside a rendering system (webGL) inside of a GUI system (HTML) inside of a rendering system (browser) inside of a GUI system (Window manager) inside of a rendering system (display driver).

But yeah, this will be useful.


Wow, Thank you! We’ve been waiting for a long time

Mouse events (down/up) don’t seem to be working in our project, or any others using the new elements I’ve checked out?
Touch events are working fine however…

Otherwise, it’s been great to work with so far!

Could you start a new topic and post your issue and also share your project so we can have a look at this? Thank you!

Just been testing on other computers/browsers in the office, and it only seems to happen on my chrome browser (60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10)… Though we have another machine with this exact build and OS and the mouse input works fine! Tried disabling all of my extensions and didn’t have any luck either.

Not sure what’s going on, but I’m able to replicate it in any project using the new UI - including the tutorial/example projects such as:

Could you please start a new forum topic about this so we can discuss it there in more detail?

OMG finally!!!

Thanks a lot, it’s just great!

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Links seem to be broken :frowning:

That’s fantastic news! I’ve evaluated PlayCanvas for a client and I’ll be starting a project with it soon - and the missing UI functionality was the sorest point in an otherwise extremely promising engine. I’m so glad that I don’t have to use my scaling CSS workaround now and can instead be sure that everything will just scale correctly with the game! :smiley:

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Thanks for reporting the broken links, @mikefinch. This is now fixed:

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Been away for a minute… this is gold. :slight_smile: thanks.

Question could you make animated sprites from these elements? I’m assuming yes."

Another question would be is there a double sided feature?

You could make animated sprites using elements by having an atlas for example with several frames and then updating the rect property of the Element component. We are planning another system for proper sprites though. The Element components are more suited to UIs vs 2D games.

You can’t make a double sided element through the Editor however you could clone the material that the element is using in code and set cull = pc.CULLFACE_NONE. Or you could make 2 elements and have them side by side.